OT: Cisco 1601 with 4 MB Flash Memory Card

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I'm sorry about this being here, but there appears to be no other ciso
related newsgroup on the feed I have.

I have been given a couple of Cisco 1601 units, but just the units
themselves, the serial connector and power cord.
I have been trying to get information from the Cisco web site on how I go
about testing these units out, but so far I have come up with nothing that
will help me.

Am I wasting my time here guys? I only took them as I though this would be
great way of learning ciso hardware for free, but without any cd of utils
etc, I am at a complete loss on how to get these units talking...

Any help or pointers would be really appreciated.


Re: Cisco 1601 with 4 MB Flash Memory Card


Re: Cisco 1601 with 4 MB Flash Memory Card

If the 1601 units you have are also labeled "LAN Extender" then they are of
a variety that was "simplified" and scaled back for cost savings and
actually relied on specific models of hub routers from which to boot up -
the venerable Cisco 4000 series routers with LAN Extender capable IOS being
one of these.  If these are labeled as I mentioned then they are of very
limited use in learning IOS unless you invest in more gear - and LAN
Extender technology is pretty much a quaint footnote in obsolesence at this


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