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Hello- I was practising a lab yesterday using 2 routers and a host off
each router.
Router A's PC had a network
Router A to Router B had a point to point link network(uisng
addresses and Then the host from Router B used as its default gateway and as it address.

Using two network statements area 0 (point to point)
and for the Host network.

For some reason Router Bs host coulde ping everywhere but router A ,
and the host could not ping past Router Bs serial address-
was unreachable

In the show ip route ,Router B had learnt its routes-whereas Router A
only had directly connected routes available.
When a default route was put in to Router A s0 ,
connectivity was gained.
What I couldnt understand was why Router B knew routes,when Router B

Thanks alot-hope its clear-it was a Cisco Lab for Semester 3

Re: OSPF network question
daytime napisa=B3(a):
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You should have:
Router A:
router ospf 1
   network area x
   network area 0 (it can be also
area 0)

Router B:
   network area 0
   network area y (or area y)

Your network statement doesn't cover interface and thus=20
doesn't include it in OSPF routing.


Re: OSPF network question

Ern wrote:
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I see what you mean-I was following the instructions in the CCNA lab
manual,it wrote to just include network as the
network for the host address , instead of ,as you have included

Many thanks for that-I assume it was a typo on ciscos part.

Re: OSPF network question

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and on the other router?
you should post both routers config files.

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