Online tutorial for CCNP?

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Hi friends,
         I have completed CCNA. and i planning to do ccnp. can any one
tell me where i can get the online free tutorial for ccnp. if possible
u can perfer me the best training center in chennai, india.

thank q.

Re: Online tutorial for CCNP?

I am not aware of any free online training that provides everything that you
need.  I also cannot inform you of a good training center in Chennai.
However, I can make some recommendations.

There are many sources of information publicly available on the Internet
that you can use.  You will have to go to numerous places to get it.
Start by going to Cisco's Career Certifications and Paths section of their
website.  Look under the CCNP certfication and view the exam topics listed
for one of the exams.  This will provide you with a list of all of the
technologies which you will need to research.
From there, stay within the Cisco website and start looking up the
technologies in the support section.  From the Cisco website main page, go
to support, then an option like configure or design.  On the next webpage,
there is a list of products or technology.  Select the technology tab and
then select the technology which you want to read about.  Some are listed
under other topics, like how EIGRP is under IP, not just listed by itself.
If you do not like the results, go back to select another category like
configuring or design and look again under that heading.  Also try a search
for only the technology name using the Cisco website search option.
This is not only free, but is also written from Cisco themselves which is
the same company which is writing your test.  You may not like having to
look up each item from the test contents list, but this is free and
accurate.  You do have a lot of reading to go through.

As for a training center, you will probably have some choices from the
training centers in your area.  Call them or visit them, if possible.  Do
not sign up for classes on your visit - just look around and ask questions.
You want to look at the book material offered, the lab equipment available
during the class, and the instructor's actual knowledge.
Cisco press books are pretty good, but I have known training centers to go
cheap and provide material from other publishers.  Just make sure you are
getting books for your actual exam that are recently written.  A training
center providing cheap books or books for older tests is a sign that the
training will not be adequate.
The lab equipment for hand-on training makes a class worthwhile.  If they
are providing 2500 series routers and 1900 series switches, stay away from
the training company.  CCNP involves multilayer switches like the 3500,
4500, and 6500 series switches.  If you will not get hand-on time with the
right equipment, then do not pay for it and take your business elsewhere.
Also do not choose a training company offering virtual labs.  That is a
waste of your money from a training center.
Talk to the instructor.  See if you can meet him and ask him a few
questions.  Any instructor will brag and state that they are qualified, but
see how he or she answers your technical questions.  Perhaps you can say
that you do not understand a routing protocol and want him to tell you how
it works briefly before registering for the class.  If they answer your
question and can explain it so that you understand it, then they are good.
If they give their own answer that does not match what you asked, then they
only know the material that they say in the classroom and do not really
understand the technology.  Look for instructors with a Cisco instructor
certification, if possible, not just the actual CCNA and CCNP.  Certified
instructors would be the best choice.

Best of luck to you and try to learn as much as you can from the free public
documentation on Cisco's website.  You may just need to buy practice tests
after you read everything under the exam's technology section if you can
learn enough on your own.  Many people can pass the exams with a single $30
book and a lot of reading from the Cisco website and I think that you may be
able to as well.

Scott Perry
Indianapolis, IN

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