Online Learning For a Busy Guy Looking For CCNA

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Hello all, I live in NY. I'm really considering the online learning
method these days. My schedule is pretty consistent and I'm home
usually by 7:30PM. It makes getting to any classes in NY impossible.
Weekends are hampered with the family & kids. My weeknights though are
pretty easy if I had to force myself to attend online schooling. Book
studying when I get home is pretty tough unless I had a course layed
out for me to follow. Maybe a mentor program.

I currently work as a sys admin transitioning to the company network
engineer and the pressure for cisco certs is heavy. I know i can pass
the exam with the education, but the self-studies isnt going to get me
there. I work with our cisco equipment daily. im responsible for
keeping our network going and connecting all of our networks (not an
over-complicated one). I use cisco support very often to help get my
tasks accomplished and luckily the techs are great with assisting in
support as well as a small education session. What they usually teach
me sticks with me and can be and has been used in the event we have a
similar need in the future. So I know I can learn it.

What I know I need to learn are the basics; anyone can google the
commands and how2s for CLI commands to get things happening, but i
know i will fail essentials and fundamentals if i dont focus on them.

The job is willing to pay for the certs, but not the course; they just
cnat justify right now sending me and loosing me at the job at the
same time.

So can anyone recommend any of these distance learning programs for a
guy like me?

Thanks in advance..

Re: Online Learning For a Busy Guy Looking For CCNA
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Like most things, it all depends on the budget.  First, I would say don't
use any one source for your learning, since different sources use different
perspectives. Some will fill in holes that others didn't even address.  But,
first, since your company won't let you out of the office for a class, see
if they will spring for some equipment for you to play with - google for a
list of equipment for a CCNA lab. Don't use your live equipment :-)  For
study material, I always like getting books, you usually can't go wrong with
Cisco Press.  But, go to Amazon and search or CCNA books and read the
reviews.  I think the reviews on there general give a good reflection on the
quality of the book.  Last, if it is in the budget - your's or your
company's, try something like CBT Nuggets, that have learning vides - sort
of like going to class.

Good luck,


Re: Online Learning For a Busy Guy Looking For CCNA
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Thanks for the reply Jim. I actually have some test equipment :0 I
picked up off ebay (3 2600 series routers and 2 switches; 1 1900
series and 1 2924). I have the Todd Lammle book from Sybex, Wendel
Odem books and Video mentor, tons of CBT material and looking at
attending a CCNA bootcamp for about 4 weekends. Its about $2,000 with
NetCom Info (feedback?), but I think this will put things into a
learning perspective for me. The learning path is more or less what I
think i need. The cost isnt something I'm concerned with. Even if I
could find a good online mentor I'd be happy. Direction is important.
Being that I'm already working so heavily with our Cisco stuff, the
learning path in a way has already been damaged.

The self study unfortunately is overpowered by normal daily routines.
I do work with the Cisco part of our network daily, so my hands on
experience is the best it can be. I dont test on the live equipment; I
always have Cisco TAC support to help when I need to make changes.

Thanks for the help


Re: Online Learning For a Busy Guy Looking For CCNA
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I don't think you'll have any problem.  Working every day with it and all
the prep you are talking about, I would think you'd pass easily.

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