Newbie question about default gateways

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I'm a newbie when it comes to routing and firewalls.   I have a network that
services extremely large files - the average is proably around 1 GB -
ranging from small to 100 GB files.

Their firewall has a 100 megabit interface.   Their file server where they
send the bulk of their data has a gigabit interface.   Although they also
send a good amount of data to our web server which is in a different network

I currently have their default gateway as the firewall - should I somehow
make the default gateway the file server and then make it go to the firewall
(if that is even possible - I really don't know).

I'm wondering if those very large files have to go through the firewall
which has a small pipe compared to the clients which are all gigabit as well
as the server and switch.   Does the firewall just inspect the beginning of
the traffic and then direct it through the switch or is each very large file
going the the firewall in its entirety?


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