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Hello- I have been studying the 1st semester of CCNA at my local
college, I have now passed this and am starting semester 2. I intend to
finish the whole course, even if it kills me! my question is- Is there
a vast shortage of network engineers?,not just in the UK but
worldwide?, my tutor often speaks about this shortage and says that
with all the lab experience you gain in college, employers are more
ready to take you on. Is this true? ofr would I be better off just
buying myself the next chapters books and investing in a
Each semester costs 320 pounds.
TIA. btw great group, have learnt alot lurking :-)

Re: Newbie help please!
I have found in my job searching that salaries are going up.  That
tends to be a good indicator of job growth.  As for any shortage, what
usually happens is that everyone hears about the shortage and runs for
it.   Next thing you know there's a surplus of Network Engineers and
salaries go down and certifications become worthless.  Look what
happened to the MCSE.  I have seen help desk jobs where they expect the
applicants to have MCSE.
Anyways, that's just my two cents.  And with that comes my caveat...Yes
that is American money.  This is how things look in America, I take no
responsibility for the difference in conditions "across the pond."

Ari W.
ari_winokur at comcast dot net

Re: Newbie help please!
greg johnstone wrote:
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well it all depends on the individual.  i personally feel buying the
books and building yourself a little lab is worth it in the long run.
after you are done with the course, what do u have left?  the books,
thats about it. The lab (which u can get good prices on ebay) will last
you a few years.

Re: Newbie help please!
Thanks for all your input chaps..will take it all in.

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