New CCNP Exam Thoughts - Lab Equipment ?

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Hi All,

Thanks for providing me with an informative group as I further my CCNP
trainings and goals.  The upcoming changes to the test sound pretty
extreme, but in this case, it's my belief that it's a good.

It would be much harder for an individual to pass four tests that were
challenging - and the CCNP exams I have taken live up to that.  However,
even though I'll be losing some of my test "progress' I'm actually
fairly happy to now take further tests where the material is seen often
in the corporate world.  That helps on the whole "paper ccnp" that is
(dumbly) said.

Here's my situation:

I've got a Cisco 5000   - I don't think it has value.  It's pimped out
with line cards and processor cards, but I think the old switching
software makes this one I should unload on EBay for $200 or so.  Though
those dual power supplies are sexy at home.  :)

Cisco 7000 - nice model w/ dual power adapters again.  :)
Route + Switch Processor - several of each. Process
Fast Serial and Fast Switching Cards

Cisco 2511 for a terminal server & additional router.

Cisco 2507 - just another Cisco.

Cisco 1602 w/ Integrated T1 WIC

Cisco PIX 501 w/ Full 10 user VPN License

Cisco 2822 Switch - yeah, I couldn't IMAGINE how impressed you are.

A CSU/DSU of some type.

Cisco Aironet 1200 WAP

So, I'd like to get some ideas for those who have gotten through the
exams fully (the old ones) - and for those that have read through some
of the new stuff:

Can you please let me know what holes I have in completing these 4
tests, top to bottom in a lab environment?  I'm sure there will be an
item or two that's top dollar and will work, but sure would like to hear
some low cost alternatives to mostly get me there if that's the case.

As always, thanks for your help and support.

Take Care,
John C. Young [MCSE/CCNA]

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