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I Have Cisco 837 ADSL Router, I'm facing a problem, its flash memory
gone dump. it was running fine but eventually restarted and restart in
ROM Mode. Where i'm having this error : boot: cannot determine first
file name on device "flash:"

i think it does mean it flash is corrupted. Plz plz plz let me know how
to install the new flash and how to make this router workable?.

Thanks in Advance. Waitng

Re: Need Urgent Help
I have also try to change its confreg register vlaue but it wouldn't
change. Please Solve this problem.Thanks, your earliest response would
be highly appreciated.

Re: Need Urgent Help

- Dir flash: and you could see a file there.
- Tried boot flash:<file name>.
- Tried Xmodem, to download a new IOS if boot fails from  boot command.
- If all previous test failed, Its probably a hardware failure, and the
box will have to be replaced.


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Re: Need Urgent Help
If it's a harware problem I'd go here:

If software:

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Re: Need Urgent Help
Did you happen to get an error message stating something like "magic
number not found"?  I ran into that last week, and the eventual fix

1. Set config reg to 0x2101 (ROM boot helper)
2. reboot into IOS
3. Erase flash: (format flash: is better if your device supports it,
mine didn't)
4. Download new IOS into flash via TFTP
5. boot system flash:<image name>
6. change config reg to 0x2102
7. reboot

If step 1-2 doesn't work, you'd have to Xmodem an IOS image into RAM
(there's a switch to do that, but I don't remember what it is), then
boot it and continue with step 3.  I actually did this first, but it
turned out to be unnecessary.

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Re: Need Urgent Help

Can you atleast ctrl break into rommon



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