Need CCNA Lab Equipment in Edmonton, AB

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I'll soon be taking the Cisco CCNA exam, and I need to complete my lab
so that I can properly prepare.  If anyone out there has equipment and
happens to be in Edmonton, I'd like to know and would be willing to
buy, rent, or borrow - whatever works for you.

Some examples of equipment that would be useful to me are:

851W/871W router
Cisco 2514
no sdm, gui interface
Catalyst 1900 series switch     1
Cisco 2501     3
Cisco 2504     2
Cisco 2514     1
Cisco 2523     1
Cisco 2511     1
Black Box ISDN Simulator     1

Currently I already have the following Cisco gear:

2503 (x2)
WC-C1900C (x2 Catalyst Switches)

If anyone can provide equipment for me that I could pick up very soon,
I'd be very appreciative!

send me an email at jdlien at fullspec dot _ca_


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