need advice on passing the CIT

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So I have passed the BSCI, BCMSN, and BCRAN (in that order), and I went
to take the CIT, which draws on knowledge from all of those, and failed
pretty badly. It seems that I need to work most on the routing and
remote access parts, but I am at a bit of a loss on how to do this. The
Ciscopress CIT book is pretty useless, and another CIT book I found is
almost just as useless. What can I do other than to go over the other
exam material? I am concerned that I have kind of "maxed out" on the
material I have already studied, and that if I study it more I will
improve my score but still not pass.

Any tips? Thanks in advance.

Re: need advice on passing the CIT
The Sybex book is pretty good, I just failed by 78 points...

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Re: need advice on passing the CIT

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In my opinion the best way to pass CIT is studying through cisco=B4s
site. Study mainly the debug/show outputs from command.

Re: need advice on passing the CIT
3 major things I could suggest (I just passed the exam)

1=2E  Go through all of the previous Cisco Press CCNP books.  Study the
troubleshooting sections of each chapter for the commands you'll need

2=2E  try to find some routers, or perhaps rent some rack time, and
practice on them.  See if you can find some scenario books that will
help you practice.

3=2E  If you have access to the Cisco Partner E-Learning site, load up
the 642-831 course (there should be a web based one that's free) and
use that to practice troubleshooting methods.

Also, get a couple of good practice tests (BOSON, for example) to use
to quiz yourself, get a familiarity with the exam structure, and find
your weak points in what you know how to do, then thoroughly go over
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