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Well, I could swear the answer is something other than what this CBT is
telling me, but they say the answer is "B." I was thinking "D". Would
someone please explain to me which is wrong and why? I'm basing my
answer off info gleened from:

Which term refers to how devices inside the corporate network interpret
the IP addresses of devices on the Internet?

A) inside local IP address
B) inside global IP address
C) outside global IP address
D) outside local IP address

Re: NAT Definitions

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From the document you recfer to above:

Inside global address-A legitimate IP address assigned by the NIC or service
provider that represents one or more

inside local IP addresses to the outside world.

Devices on the internet must have legitimate (global) IP addresses. So you
are left with only B or C as possible answers.

If they are referring to devices on the corporate network that interface
with the internet cloud (i.e Edge routers)

then indeed B is the correct answer.

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Re: NAT Definitions
 I agree with Drake...although I will add that the question is horribly
formed. I highly doubt that Cisco would phrase a question that way
without telling you whether your Company or ISP owns the equipment or

Drake wrote:
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Re: NAT Definitions

While the sentence might not be the best way to phrase it, it is
certainly better than some of the questions I have seen from CISCO -
bad grammar and completely vague as to what they are trying to ask  I
think if CISCO paid more attention to how they specified their
questions and instructions, more people would pass their exams.


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