My BSCI exam: 18-12-06

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OK, here’s my thoughts on passing the BSCI, when you only have one
attempt left on the old syllabus, and this is the last time you can take
it without having to study the new curriculum.

I woke up today for my last day of study, after planning all my final
readings and tests etc… This involved taking every quiz from the
modules, reading through the exam essentials in all my books, going over
my power-point slides I got from class etc… I decided to look on the
web-site today what time my test was tomorrow, which was in the city of
London – It told me my test was today at 12:45, so naturally my heart
sank. I have failed this test twice now, by 3% each time, and now I was
in a mass panic as this was my last shot at it, and my final day of
preparation was all out of the window. I tried changing my date on-line,
but that wasn’t allowed, so I tried phoning prometric, and it was too
late, so, I had to bite the bullet and go for it. It only gave me an
extra 30 minutes to study before I had to leave after realising my silly

I got to the centre on time, after deciding that if I read anymore, I
will stress myself out on the parts that I wasn’t too sure on, so I quit
for the last 30 mins and tried to relax. When I got into the room, I was
shaking, as I was thinking ‘what if I fail again?’, and ‘what will the
people at work think?’, ‘I’ll have to study it all again at college’ -
my mind was not letting go.

Anyway, when it started, I noticed some questions I didn’t get last
time, so therefore, I wet it a little more, the redistribution
simulation came up which took me far longer than normal, because I felt
so under pressure; same with the OSPF simulation, that took me twice as
long as last time, just because of my bloody nerves and the thought of

At the half-way point, I gave up and resided myself to the fact that I
had failed, so I relaxed a little and couldn’t care less any longer, but
that made me think about questions a little more clearly.

Anyway, I won’t drag this on anymore, but to some amazement after I
pressed submit, holding my breath, it said ‘congratulations’. I stared
at the screen for two minutes in disbelief and after an hour or two of
being back; I still don’t think it has sunk in yet. My score, 803/776

So, for anyone taking this exam, good luck, and try to be a little more
organised than myself.


Re: My BSCI exam: 18-12-06
Yeah.  Well done dude

Its a damn good score and you should be proud of it

I'm in the same situation now.  My exam is a 13:15 on Friday in Brum. I've
not sat this one before but my life at the minute is no where near
Christmas.  My family know me as a distant relative that comes home, eats,
goes upstairs and revises and goes thru all the simulations over and over
again.  My 7 yr old now understands when revision is.........

I failed my last exam some years ago.  That was a Microsoft exam.  I'd
already got other MS and Cisco quals but the failure of this one put me off
doing exams and after sitting the BCSI course this year, in Feb I'd
committed myself and promised my employer (a college) that I would take (and
pass) the BCSI.  In hindsight I'd also promised myself that I was going to
get the NP before the change around at the end of the year, but things being
things this never happened

Yeah sure I want to pass the exam, but like you the dread and the fear of
"Sorry you have failed !" keeps cropping up and I remember how fed up I was
with the exam when I realised that I felt like I'd studies geography and
then sat a maths exam

Anyway, Christmas is here soon.  This means you get Brain dump and enjoy

when you are finishing work on Friday I'll be in an exam cubicle

All the best and well done.

Of course, the obligatory question has to be .... Whats your next exam ?


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Re: My BSCI exam: 18-12-06
On Mon, 18 Dec 2006 18:55:41 +0000, Steve Ray wrote:

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yeah there's needs to be a support group for the families of cisco cert
people like us.  at one of my old jobs we had a term for the wives - CCIE

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