more than one IP block

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Hope somebody can enlighten me on what is a new concept for me.

I have a border router (Cisco 2620) and behind that a PIX 515. Pretty
standard setup: the router is the uplink to our ISP and the PIX is doing
the firewalling and NAT.

We are almost out of public IP addresses in our currently assigned block
of 32. But we are bringing on a bunch of more clients and will be
hosting secure web servers for them and now need more IP addresses.

Our ISP has told us no problem. They'll give us what we need and I can
keep my current block. The ISP's edge routers will direct the new IP's
to my border router.

But I'm not clear on how this will affect me. I've never gone beyond a
single basic network before, and I'm not clear on how my border router,
and PIX as well, will treat these additional IP addresses, if they are
already configured to behave as if they are on a class C

My ISP assured me that this can be done, but they haven't given me any
details yet. I just want to get a head start on understanding this and
how my router and PIX will need to be configured.

For example if I currently have thru and my
ISP gives me an additional 32 addresses with the range of
thru, how is my border router going to need to be configured?

Thanks for any info, or links that can be provided to educate me on this.


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