Is this possible? (DHCP Forward/NAT Hybrid)

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Here's the deal... I want to take my Cisco 831 and use it to sit
between my little LAN and the nasty campus WAN, which is choked with
broadcast traffic and whatnot - Easy solution is to let my router get
and address and then do overloaded NAT to the inside, but I don't want
to (read can't) go about it that way...

What I need is a way for the router to forward DHCP queries from the
LAN to the WAN without requiring a separate DHCP pool on the campus
server, and have the router set up a 1:1 NAT relationship so that I
can still police the traffic in and out of my LAN...

I can't think seem to think of/find a way to do this... any ideas?

Chris Bowles, CCNA

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