IP Subnetting Tips&Tricks - Study + Workbook Package

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I've put together 2 IP Subnetting Books  to help cut through the
clutter and confusion of subnetting.

It's hard work, but it's work that pay's off on the Job.

Once you master it, it is just practice and speed.

The Study Guide + Workbook helps you accomplish this.  It takes you
step by step with explanations.

##Learn IPv4 Subnetting with Step by Step Techniques
-Quickly calculate subnets and hosts with number line technique
-Two books - Study Guide & Workbook Package
-Proven Industry Tips and Tricks from the Field
-Easy to understand Techniques

##Ideal for:
Network Administrators - working on Cisco, Juniper, Foundry and other
Students - pursuing Cisco CCNP/CCNA, Juniper JNCIA/JNCIS
Job Retraining

-Real-world job tasks on subnet allocation
-Step-by-step explanations
-Workbook examples and explanations
-Number line tricks and tips
-Allocating number of subnets given an aggregate network
-Diagrams showing address assignments in real-world environments
-Subnet zero usage
-Point to point tips
-Address summarization techniques
-Determine number of hosts and subnets
-Network allocation techniques

##What you'll get:

**Two Books (PDF format)**
1. Study Guide - subnet tutorial, tips/techniques/tricks and diagrams
2. Workbook - explanations, real world topologies and diagrams


*Free shipping - available immediately. I will email you the document

**Email for purchase - Accepting Payments via Paypal.

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