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Hi Guys,

Where would one obtain a recent IOS for a lonely router from ?
Cisco isn't interested, and the reseller's first question is: "How many
thousands did you say you wanted a 3-year contract for ?"
Well, doh, I just want an IOS for my only, non-corporate, CCNA exercise
router, and I am not interested in a contract.
Any legal ideas ?   Any other ?


Re: IOS upgrade
Hi Richard,

You may wish to investigate the Cisco Software Relicense Headquarters:

Hope this helps.

Brad Reese on Cisco
Network World Magazine Cisco Subnet /

Re: IOS upgrade

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eMule is your friend.

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Re: IOS upgrade
search IOS hunter
download free copy
then look for the IOS for your platform

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Re: IOS upgrade
Nospa wrote:

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I think it stinks that cisco give the IOS for free for educational purposes
to help us poor students out. It should be in their own interest.

Re: IOS upgrade
Pipex (my ISP) has changed something, so you now need an e-mail address in a
domain that actually exists.  So me@some(REMOVE-THIS) is no longer
allowed.  I suppose the idea is that spam MUST be received by someone (try
to work out why the ISP insists on that).
So, instead of thanking you for your excellent contributions to this thread,
you get this largely meaningless crap from me.


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