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I have a question for those that have been through issues with problematic

After working many years in the networking industry, I figured it is time to
cert for some things.  I took the CCNA test last weekend.  Overall, I did
pretty well.  However, the sims on the test just plain did not work - there
was absolutely no response to any typing.  I had the test center call
Prometric.  They called and we tried some things, but could not get the sims
to work (a total of three sims on the test).  The response was to continue
on and protest the score later.  I just barely failed (821 with 849 being
pass). Reasonable assumption is that I would have passed if I could have
done the sims.

When I called Prometric later, they suggested that they could submit for a
rescore.  Okay.  I called back today to find an update on the case.  They
told me that I have to submit the issue direct to Cisco
(  I've been to this page and it seems like a
general support board and not really a place to protest results to exams.  I
submitted the question anyway.

So, anyone here been through this mess before and can you offer any
suggestions?  I'm really disappointed in the response from Prometric.



Re: How to request a rescore...
My suggestion is to call the Prometric Customer service at 800-853-6769.

They should be able to help you out.  You could also go to the testing
center and have them call Prometric for you, and ask them to validate that
there was, in fact a problem with the testing system

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Re: How to request a rescore...
Well, the Prometric Customer Service is exactly who has passed me off to
Cisco in a way that doesn't seem to work.  They do not deny that there was a
problem, they just say they are unable to help and I need to contact Cisco.
The only contact information they have for issues is the web page as listed

Seems like I'm about out of options.  I'm still waiting some responses back
from Cisco, but I'm not real hopeful.

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Re: How to request a rescore...

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If you are in the US, call he FTC.

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