Help with setting up 2950t-24

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I have very little knowledge when it comes to Cisco so I will try my
best to explain the situation.  I work for a small company and my job
is pretty much the company's "IT" guy, my background btw is in db and
web application development so when it coms to Cisco situations Im
pretty much a n00b.  So the situation is that we are down to the last
port on our Cisco Switch port and I will be purchasing another 2950t-24
to help expand our office network.  My question is how easy is it to
add and install another switch on an existing LAN?  Is it as simple as
connecting a cat5 cable on port 24x from the existing 2950t to port 1x
of the new 2950t and let the autosensing do its thing?  Hope whoever
reads this understands what i wrote.  Any help and info on this matter
will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Re: Help with setting up 2950t-24
You may also wish to investigate the Cisco 2950 Config Wizard:

as well as How to use your Cisco Catalyst 2950 switch to slow down the
spread of viruses:


Brad Reese
Cisco Tools

Re: Help with setting up 2950t-24
thank you for the info... i just ordered the switch today and should be
coming in next week.  wish me luck :D
www.BradReese.Com wrote:
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Re: Help with setting up 2950t-24
You may wish to investigate Cisco Catalyst 2950 Documentation:

as well as how to configure a Catalyst 2950 through Express Setup.

The Express Setup feature is supported on switches running Cisco IOS=AE
Release 12.1(14)EA1 or later.

Express Setup is a browser-based program that is used to set up and
configure the switch.

With Express Setup, IP information is assigned so that the switch can
connect to local routers and the Internet.

The IP address is also required if the switch is to be configured

Express Setup provides the mimimum configuration for configuring a

Express Setup does not require the creation of a username.

To create a username for the switch, use the Cluster Managment Suite
(CMS) or the Command Line Interface (CLI).

For more details, refer to:

Using Express Setup on a Catalyst 2950 Series Switch for Initial

Hope this helps.

Brad Reese

Re: Help with setting up 2950t-24 wrote:
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If you don't care about managing it, and by the sounds of it it's a
small office with a flat network. just buy a cat6 or cat5e patch cable
and up link using the gig ports if you have them available. The 2950t
should have 24 10/100 and 2 10/100/1000. The gig ports should have auto
mdi-x in the default config. (this means you don't have to use a
crossover cable). If these are not available you might want to check
what is connected to them (desktops? servers? another up link?) and free
one up. once you patch in the new switch you can move whatever the
device was to the second switchs gig port.

The blank config on a new switch will have all ports on auto and in the
same vlan as well as mdix auto on the gig ports.

Of course you really should look into the basics of switch management
and depending who setup the first switch the ports might be forced say
100/full. If this is the case occasionally cisco devices won't auto
detect the duplex correctly (this would be bad it would look like stuff
works but the performance will be ass on the second switch.)

But if you go with the assumption the first switch is running on the
default config you should have no issues.

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