Help with 640-801 studies

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I am a network engineer working at a broadband company. I have to work
with switches, routers and Vlans on a daily basis.. I am currently
planning to give my CCNA certification exam. I want to do this before
the 640-801 exam becomes invalid which is in November I think.. I want
to know an optimal path to follow for my certification. I have the
trainsignal CBTs and the Todd Lamle book. I am planning to study from
the CBT first and then go through the book.. Actually, the book is
quite old(3-4 years old) and I read in some post that some subnetting
topics in old study materials are wrong.. Like the ones in which you
have to calculate the no. of subnets and the subtract the first and
the last. Should I go for a newer edition with the updates(Is there
one??). Should I consult more study materials for my preparations? I
plan to give the exam by october and can study an hour every day and a
few hours during the weekends...

Thank You

Re: Help with 640-801 studies
Also, I want to know if I should give 640-801 or the 640-802. is the
802 more difficult.. If 802, what good study material can I get for it?

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