Good *Recent* CCDA study material?

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The CCDA material  I've found doesn't seem to cover the most recent
version of the CCDA exam.  Can anyone recommend any current resources?
Especially the VoIP stuff?


Re: Good *Recent* CCDA study material?
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I've read Ciso Press books and I've been CCDP  since last monday:)

Use CiscoPress it's good source.


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Re: Good *Recent* CCDA study material?
The Cisco Press book is inaccurate in regards to this particular

On 3 Feb 2006 20:25:38 GMT, wrote:

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Re: Good *Recent* CCDA study material?
On Fri, 03 Feb 2006 18:45:08 -0500, Rob wrote:

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cisco press worked for me

Re: Good *Recent* CCDA study material?
CCDA or CCDP? There's no explicit VoIP in CCDA.

[and don't call it VoIP anyway. VoIP is just the way to move the voice
packets over an IP network - Cisco calls the whole shebang of call
managers and gateways etc "IP Communications" (IPC) or "IP Telephony"
(IP Tel)].

I'm CCNP/CCDP and a couple of different sorts of specialists. The CCDP
exam (ARCH) was the hardest exam - not because the material is
difficult, but because there is so much of it, and (unlike all the
other exams) its all technical presales rather than techical support.
It was the only exam that took me two attempts (the first a 770, the
second a 923. Pass mark was 776).

For DESGN (CCDA) I used the both the Cisco Press Certification and
Preparation guides. The latter was more useful, but it was worth having
both. I also read the SAFE blueprint. I bought Oppenheimer's "Top down
Network Design" but hardly used it.

For ARCH, I used a heap of stuff to get that good pass on the second

- Knowledgenet ARCH notes, v1.1: I was lucky that a friend of mine had
done the course and was able to lend me the class notes. However, they
are less than comprehensive.

- Anything with "AVVID" and "Design Guide" off the Cisco web site. Note
especially Video and Voice. Also read the AVVID blueprint. None of this
stuff is dated too recently, but it seems to be basically current. Also
search for "SRND", which is "Solution Reference Network Design" on This is where you'll pick up all the limits for the number
of phones and the required BW etc, the different sorts of VPNs.

- Finally, go back through ALL your CCNA/CCNP material and pick out the
bits that refer to capacity planning and design. This is especially
important for BSCI. Know how all the routing protocols work, what they
send to each other, which ones support dial-up, all the jargon for
neighbors/peers/etc, and in what sorts of networks you'd choose OSPF,
IGRP, EIGRP or IS-IS and why. Also make sure you understand the
different sorts of Multicast trees and the protocols that go along with
them and the benefits and limitations of each.

Good luck

Re: Good *Recent* CCDA study material?
On Sun, 05 Feb 2006 11:16:40 -0800, yamahasw40 wrote:

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i had VoIP specific questions on my ccda test, about 13months ago.

Re: Good *Recent* CCDA study material?

Thanks.  That'll help.


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Re: Good *Recent* CCDA study material?
I took the CCDA last summer and you are right there was quite a bit of
VOIP stuff on their.  It was actually very difficult VOIP inofrmation
considering I had several cisco voice certifications at the time and
the questions were new information.  I had three sources none of which
were complete.  I used the Sybex book, global knowledge online course,
and Cisco press book and still failed the test on my first attempt.  It
was the first certification test of any form I failed.  It looks like
there still isn't good material out there from what I see.

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