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Hi there!

I have a GNS3 question. What are system requirements for running GNS3?
I've just started preparing myself for BSCI exam (I bought Authorized
Self Study Guide from Cisco Press) and I'm planning to buy myself a
new computer for running GNS3. What configuration would you recommend
me to buy? What CPU and how much memory do I need? What OS would you
recommend me for running GNS3, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Linux?

I was thinking about some core2duo CPU based computer with 4 or 8 GB
of RAM. What is more important, to have as much RAM as possible, or to
have less but faster RAM?

Thanks in advance!

Re: GNS3 system reqs
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Hi, there

=46rom what I've seen, GNS3 really likes to hammer the CPU, even when
you activate the idle timers (and I would strongly suggest you read
the manuals on this and make sure you enable the idle PC, or your PC
could easily become unresponsive).

You'll need a 64 bit OS to run 4 gigs or more of RAM, as the 32 bit
cannot address more than about 3.2-3.4 gigabytes of memory.

WHat I would suggest is the following:

Quad core processor if they're not too expensive (from what I've seen,
they have really come down in price lately)
if 64 bit OS, as much RAM as you can afford, if 32 bit OS, 3-4 gigs of
Disk=3Dnot too important, maybe 1x500 gig drive should do you fine.
If you're familiar with Linux or don't mind a small learning curve
from Windows, definitely go with Linux. From what I understand, Linux
and GNS3 go well together.  Windows tends to crash sometimes.
Definitely do NOT go Vista, it eats memory like crazy.

Fast timings on the RAM are basically irrelevant.  They might give you
a 1-2% increase in speed.  If you have the money, go for them, if not,
go for the CAS 4 or 5 RAM, which will do you fine.

Good luck!

Re: GNS3 system reqs

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Yep, I've just read the manual, and I didn't know for the idle PC
option, thanks!

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AFAIK it can with PAE option turned on, and it is supported on Win XP
SP2 and above, and recent Linux distributions.

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Here's the cheapest ones I found here in Croatia:

CPU INTEL Core2Quad Q6600 BOX, s. 775, 2.4GHz, 8MB c., FSB 1066MHz, 64
bit, QuadCore

which is cheaper than this one:

CPU INTEL Core2Duo E8500 BOX, s. 775, 3.16GHz, 6MB c., FSB 1333MHz

Which one of these ones would be better for GNS3, cheaper Quad or more
expensive Duo?

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That's nice to know, thanks. I'm an advanced Linux user so that's not
gonna be a problem. The problem is that Linux runs slower than Win XP
on my Barton 2500+ based machine so I'm not sure that GNS3 would run
faster. I guess on newer machine would.

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And on Linux it does not crash?

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That's nice to know, thanks.

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Meaning, I can go with more slower memory than with less faster

Thanks for the answers!

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