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Hey Everyone,

I'm sure this question has been posted a million-gazillion times, but
between the SPAM posts, and the age of stuff I find, it's hard to find
some good, current advice. Most of what I've read is based on old
exams. I'm in the middle of studying for the CCNA 802 exam. I'm just
wondering if there's any generic advice on certain areas to study more
than less? Other general exam advice?

I've used Steve McQuerry's CCNA Preparation Library as a starting
point for the core knowledge, and I have Odom's preparation kit on its
way in the mail. Unfortunately, I dont have any Cisco equipment on
hand, so I'm relying on the Boson simulation in the Odom kit for the
hands-on. I've been in the IT industry for about 10 years, so I was
pretty solid on a lot of the concepts going in. Things like subnetting
have come pretty easy for me. I understand most of the concepts really
well, I just havn't had a chance to put a lot of them into practice on
Cisco gear.

Just curious if anyone has any general advice on certain things to
look out for, or any 'gotchas' they you ran into. My searching thus
far seems to indicate the most important bits to know are subnetting
(like the back of your hand), and setting up / configuring /
troubleshooting the routing protocols.

Any advice? Any examples of some of the trickier questions you have to
figure out on the simulators?

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