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I was wondering if anyone has had a tough time finding a job in the
computer field.  I know that no one will give you a job.   I have my a+
certification, I also have an associates in science from a comunity
college.  I had my ccna but it expired and I had not had the time to
take the test again because I am working full time and finishing up my
bachelors degree.  I also have an mcp in windows 2000.  I have plenty
of experince networking and fixing computer with windows and linux.  I
also have a techinal school certifacate.  I also have a network cabling
certification that no one cares about it is the ctech lucent for copper
and fiber optic.  Why is it so difficult to find a job in this field.
My greatest fear is I will have my bachelors degree in business
management and no one will seem to care.  After I get my degree I am
going to recertify with cisco and take the ccnp routing exam.  I want
to take the network plus, security plus, server plus, and linux plus.
I would like to obtain my mcsa certification.   At my last job
interview for a help desk for a company that supports an insurance
billing software  product they said would you work for $8.00 an hour.
I told the interviewer thank you  have a nice day and walked out.  I am
looking to get more experience.  I worked as a system admin for retail
company.  The company used win 98 to run its network because that is
what the point of sale vendor wanted.  One asshole at a company
disqalified my computer experience because it was not a real network
operating system.  What can I do to get more valid experience.

Re: finding a job in this field
On 5 Oct 2006 16:08:20 -0700, wrote:

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You could join a local user group and make some social contacts there.
It never hurts to network amongst friends.  I think you'd be surprised
at how often you run into people you've worked with before in other

Local screwdriver shops are a good entry spot, especially with your
A+.  Typically you may need to get some face time there so the
owner/manager gets to know you first.

You could also try a body shop.  The technical staffing companies are
a good way to get experience.  Contract work can be scary, but those
contract-to-perm gigs are sweet.

Telco work is a good entry point.  Local ISP work the place where
everyone gets their worst horror stories, but is a good start.

Yep, I've done all 4 of the above.  I'm currently working in a Tier1
backbone noc.  Ciscos, Junipers, you name it...  great experience and

Dual booting WinXP-SP2 and Ubuntu 6.06
Athlon64 3500+, 2 gigs Kingston ram, 960 gigs hd,
128meg 6600 GT OC vid, 21" Sony monitor, MX518 mouse,
 Bose speakers, Koss headphones, Walken cowbells

Re: finding a job in this field
Very hard to abtain a good job in this moment.

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Re: finding a job in this field

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I guess it depends on your skillset and where you live.  Around RTP
here, the networking jobs have been opening up since 2004.


Re: finding a job in this field
Cisco currently has 29 "intern job openings."

Hope this helps.

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Re: finding a job in this field
Cisco has an entry level network engineer job opening:


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