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hi , i have a question  , i hope that somebody can help me. I have to

take a final exam of one CCNA module , i want to know if i will fail

it i could retake it in a little time.



Re: final exam

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The only person who really answer this for you is your Networking Academy

Academy Connection does give the instructor the option of allowing a second
attempt at a Final Exam, but whether this is implemented and what are the
"pass" requirements is entirely up to your Academy's assessment policies.

At our Academy students are allowed the maximum two attempts at the Final
Exam in each of the CCNA courses in accordance with our assessment policy
which is:

The pass score for the first attempt is 80%.

If a student achieves between 65% and 79% they may be offered a second
attempt provided their progress in the Skills Based Assessments and Module
Exams is satisfactory - i.e., offers of a second attempt are not automatic.

The second attempt is usually at the following class - a week later.
For the second attempt the pass score is 85% if the student retakes the same
exam, or 80% if they take a different exam, their choice, but they only have
two attempts in total.

Further, the Final Exam is only weighted 40% of the total course score
possible, with the SBA 40% and the Module Exams 20%, combining these a pass
for the course, "graduation" in Ciscospeak, of 80% of total the possible
score is required.


Re: final exam

thank you very much for the answer!

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