Failed 801 again

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Questions weren't so bad this time, and time didn't come into play as it had
on my last attempt.  But I got nailed with a sim on NAT.  Ended with a 788.
I try again in a few weeks.  If I don't get divorced by then.

Re: Failed 801 again

Steve C wrote:
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it had
a 788.

A NAT SIM?  Yikes!  I've been colating the sorts of SIMS I could expect
to see on the 640-801.  This is the first I've heard of a NAT SIM.  Was
it a troubleshooting one or a configuration one?

Re: Failed 801 again

Care to share your colation to date with the group?

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Re: Failed 801 again

It's not very well formatted but here it is.  It's basically excerpts
I've copied from various newsgroup postings from this group,, the CCNA prep centre and a few others (I guess I'll be
adding NAT as well, but would still like some more info)
On the exam I had 2 simulations, one involving setting up a 2950 switch
ip addr, default gateway and the other involved rip faultfinding on 3

There were 2 sims.First was rip troubleshooting.Second was ACL

On the sim side they say do not spend more than 10 mins on each one
thas very hard if you get a tough one, read everything for the sim
carefully, I got a OSPF network problem which took me 15 mins it was
only at the end I saw the third problem. you will know if you have the
sim done correctly as you will be able to ping through to all routers

3 of which were sims
1- Set Access-list on Router to prevent telnet access from 2 other
connected to routers.
2- Company hires consultant to configure 3 routers and now none of them
talk to each other and no routing takes place.  Fix it.
3 - Add a static route to an interface and bring up the interface.

Sims: 2 sims - 1 ospf and 1 rip

The sims were easy. but I did take time on the ospf one. The question
was simple but expecting a tougher question I was trying to work out
complex stuff there. Finally, I did figure out that the answer was just
a two line one. The second was a walk in the park. It is very important
that you get the SIMS right!. otherwise the chances of passing are slim

My very first question was a vlan simulation test with a twist called
vtp. It was a great question!

I hav to configure the switch with STP but i hav to know the domain
name of the other switch.

3 simulations that consist of rip, access-list and troubleshooting.

Re: Failed 801 again

Steve C wrote:
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Hang in there, you will not get divorced. Yet. You might though, when
you are going for the CCIE, if its any consolation, this one's breaking
my back... ;-)

Re: Failed 801 again

One other person in my boot camp had the NAT sim... was this one of
the first 10 questions? My teacher said that it's very likely that
it's a "beta" question, which Cisco puts near the beginning of the
test. Personally, I think the beta questions are just there to freak
you out ;)

Re: Failed 801 again

malweth wrote:
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I also got the NAT sim question when I took the CCNA last night. It was
about in the middle of the exam.

Re: Failed 801 again

I took mine Friday, it was also in the middle.

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