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Anyone with some Cisco certification experience knows that the exams are
adaptive in nature.  If you miss a question on subjet X, the test engine
weighs questions on that subject heavier in its test pool and you will
receive more questions on that subject.

After recently sitting several certification exams, I would suggest that
this is also true for not only questions you miss, but questions you
spend more time on than others.  I sat an exam yesterday and noticed
that after pondering for a very long time on a simple single answer
multiple choice question, I started receiving more and more questions on
that subject....  which in the grand scheme of test subjects is a
relatively very very small and nearly insignificant subject (whether
port security is allowed on voice vlans).

Anyway, I thought I'd pass this insight on.

Re: Exam Advice
Radrage wrote:
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Apparently this type of adaptive test is not being used, but I can also
vouch that it IS definitely used!

The more questions you get wrong on a subject; the more questions you
get on it.

Re: Exam Advice
Total Bunk.
None of these exams are "adatpive" in nature.

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