Entry-level CCNA jobs?

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Do you guys know of any sites that specialize in IT jobs?

Re: Entry-level CCNA jobs?

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Thanks for that link.  Looks like there are lots of decent jobs once I
have some experience.

I'm starting to lose hope about being able to find anything without
experience, though.

Re: Entry-level CCNA jobs?
Mitch@_._ wrote:

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I've been looking since I was certified in August. No luck here
either. There are days when careerbuilder.com sends me just
one job lead, and they usually don't match what I'm looking for.
Amazing some of the ads I see though...

"Must have recent CCNA and experience with BGP."

"Entry level Network Technician. Must have CCNA and
Computer Sciences Bachelors Degree."

Saw another where they wanted CCNA's  to install wireless
equipment in cars.

Blah! Nobody's hiring in Florida except the Government right
now. And the local college is cranking out another 50 new
CCNA's every semester. The friends I went to class with that
were not already working in the field have done no better than

(Of course, BGP not covered in CCNA.)

Re: Entry-level CCNA jobs?
On Mon, 24 Nov 2008 19:06:11 +0000, Mitch wrote:

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A. Feiner

Re: Entry-level CCNA jobs?

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also monster.com is great

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