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Can anyone help me understand somethign I have read in Cisco Press PIX book.

It relates to the above. In brief the outside network is /24 the
inside network is /24. The example allows hosts on the outside
network to access the FTP server on the LAN at which sites behind
another router on the inside of the PIX.

The book states that Dynamic outside translations simplify the routing on
the network below i.e router on wouldn't need route to
because of NAT - which I can understand.


outside router --------PIX----------Inside Router-------------Inside
Router-------------------FTP server                             

commands are:

nat (outside) 1 outside
global (inside) 1 netmask
static (inside, outside)
access-list ACLIN permit tcp host eq ftp
access-group ACLIN in interface outside

I built this in a lab earlier and know that it works but I don't understand
why I need the static (inside, outside) translation.



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Meant to send to comp. dcom.sys.cisco.

Reposted there.

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