Do I have what it takes to pass CCNA?

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Hi all.

Im about to start study for my CCNA.

I have Lammles 5th edition Sybex CCNA Study guide, plus his Fast Pass
book, the CCNA Portable command guide and a Cisco 2501.

Am I missing anything here?

Re: Do I have what it takes to pass CCNA?
I would suggest a good simulator or lab program. I used the Boson Netsim. If
I would do one thing different, I would do and redo all the labs.

I took my CCNA this last week .... 925/1000 ... 90% 92% 100% in the
Planning, Technology and Implementing sections, ... 76% in the

The CCNA test I took had at least two questions were I was logging into
'simulators' to configure or troubleshoot a router.
Make sure you really understand OSPF troubleshooting, know all the commands
you would use to troubleshoot it. ... Also, Lammle does not say much on NAT,
I would suggest going to the cisco site and reading about NAT there.

Also, unlike Microsoft tests, you can not go back or review questions. I
finished the test with like 2.5 minutes left.

Also, I did not recognize any 'identical' questions from the practice tests
I took, though the information was the same. So I would say they are a good
measurement of preparation but do not expect them to be the same as what you
will experience on the test.

Again, the more time you spend on a simulator the better. Play with the
commands and be very familiar with the information provided by the different
'show' commands.

play hard, study harder

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Re: Do I have what it takes to pass CCNA?
Well friend,
               Ya... I have almost finished my preparation... I'm about
to take the exam... But before that i would like to get some exposure
about the questions... Even i worked with the real routers ans

               With out knowing the proper question details i'm feared
to take the exam...

                Can you please any one help me out what shall i do....
Or any of you can send the CCNA dumps... I'm very greatfull to you if

Thanks in advance

Re: Do I have what it takes to pass CCNA?

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