DDR heelp please

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Wonder if anybody could help me out here, I have two 1721's connected to the
serials via frame relay, I want to be able to use ISDN dial back up for when
either serial links goes down, the problem that I'm having is if only one
serial goes down I can not get a dial up connection up because the far end
is rejected with the complaint that the DDR is a back up interface, if I
bring down both serial links then the dial up works fine, how can I get the
far end to answer even if its serial is up

This is for my MPLS lab that I'm trying to set up

Thanks for any help you can offer

Re: DDR heelp please

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You can do at least two things here:

1) use end-to-end frame relay keepalives

2) run a routing protocol over FR and use dialer watch or floating
static to bring up dial backup.


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Re: DDR heelp please

It is solved, I have dialler-watch enabled, watching the my BGP neighbour,
when the neighbour drops out my dialler brings up the isnd line, I also have
a default floating route of 200 pointing to my isdn ip at
the far end so all route are reachable

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