Daylight Savings Issues

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Surprised nobody's made mention of this before, but Congress is about to change
the dates for daylight savings time.  I don't seem to recall any detailed rules
for automatically changing the time in IOS other than "clock summer-time XXX
recurring", so one would presume that the rules for picking the right sunday
morning are hardcoded into the firmware.  That means that either Cisco has to
produce a new release to change the timezone rules for every single product, and
we all have to install it, OR we have to manually configure the new change date
into every device's config twice a year.  Looks like a big waste of time to me.

Re: Daylight Savings Issues

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As you imagine this issue will also affect pretty much every computer and
many, many more things and places. It has a very broad scope. You are
right about need for patching and distributing a lot of code.  I think
that most admins will be using UTC which is good practice by itself
anyway. Call me lazy but I always try to avoid  setting any sesonal
changes and I stick to universal time. This way your logs timestamps are
consistent. Good for iron and really not that inconvienient for humans.
At least I got used to it.
IMHO this is minor issue which do not warrant upgrade of IOS even if
available from Cisco, especially when you have good alternative.

Re: Daylight Savings Issues

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    Why is the time on a router critical anyway?  So far, I've not
seen anything that would suggest that it even matters.  

    Of course, it's probably somewhat of an issue on PCs and
definitely on servers that have events that are triggered at certain

    But as many patches as Microsoft likes to put out, I'm sure
they can slip in a fix for it.  


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