connection issue.. cat 2950

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having issues connecting to the console port.
I have vista/ linux running. I have a serial port.
and i have the cable (made in china - off ebay) that is for the
connection to the catalyst 2950 that I purchased used (again off ebay).

anyways, I can't connect to it, no matter what, it says its established
a connection (putty, minicom, cutecom, hyperterminal) however, its
always blank. and i dont see anything no matter how much i press enter.

I read in some forum that it might not be refreshing the screen, so i
have to restart the switch.. not the case, i've done that, however
nothing is being detected on the serial port.

I boted to windows, and I have a sniffer for my com1, (ONLY com
installed on my computer). and it doesn't show any output. when I have
the sniffer one and connect the cable to the swithc's com port, I get
x00 which I am assuming is NULL. Now Im not sure if thats NULL from the
com port, Or Is it just because it has power connected and it shows that

im wondering if i can get some advice, on what else to look at before i
try to return the switch. its doing its job, but i really need to
connect to it some how. my understanding was that unless I enable vty, I
can't telnet into it.

what should i be trying to trouble shoot further, I have tried some
stores in th neigh and i can't find anyone that sells the cable. so im
left to either purchase a new cable, from a more trustable source, or IS
there another way to connect?


Re: connection issue.. cat 2950
P.S wrote:
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I also can't spell, from re-reading .. so .. yeh .. anyways anyhelp ?

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