connecting routers up to a switch

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I know that usually people connect comps to switches and switches to

But what's the harm in connecting routers to switches? e.g. 3 routers
up to 1 switch

I see the prob with connecting switches to switches (too many MACs
stored). But routers to a switch, I don't see a prob., yet ppl don't do

I see a possible reason. ppl connect routers to routers, but if a
router lacks interfaces, e.g. the routers only have 2 interfaces. Then
on one interface is the subnetwork, the other remaining interface could
be connected to a switch. So a switch could connect a bunch of routers
together, each router, with a subnetwork connected to it.

Re: connecting routers up to a switch
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There is no harm in connecting multiple routers to a single switch.

There's also no harm with switches to switches.  It's done out of necessity.
If you need to increase port density to a floor the easiest thing to do is
to attach another switch.  We have at least 30 instances where switches are
stacked.  Some up to four deep.  A typical access switch supports storing
over ten thousand mac addresses.

You can create many subnets using a router that has a single interface
connected to a switch.  One option is to set up a trunk between it and the
switch using sub-interfaces.  I currently have a router with 12
sub-interfaces with each subnet trunked to a 48-port switch across the
single link..


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