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I'm studing for the 642-831 exam has anyone who's sat the exam any
tips as to what the exams covers..??  Also what's better for preparing
Boston or Transcender..???

Re: CIT 642-831 Exam

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Since being taken over by Kaplan my opinion of the Transcender exams is
slipping, this isn't helped by my email to them being unanswered for
over a week so far, I'll give them a bit more time but I'm sure I can
find time for a rant here soon.  In terms of quality though they
probably are about the best around however the new exams would appear to
be exactly the same as those from Kaplan's other brand:, for some reason they seem to think it's
acceptable to charge a $20-40 premium for the ones marketed under the
Transcender brand, I suspect me challenging them on this point is one of
the main reasons my email to them has been ignored so far.
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Re: CIT 642-831 Exam

I took the exam twice and failed.  It has been a real disappointment
since I really did not have a tremendous amount of problems with the
Switching and  Remote Access tests.  Know what layer all devices
operate at, know the 3 layer Cisco troubleshooting model, know what
Cisco approved troubleshooting methods at each layer of the OSI model,
know how TCP/IP model maps to OSI model, know how to baseline. Know
network configuration table, network topology diagrams, and end system
version of them as well as what maps to each layer of the OSI model
(some things are weird like in a network configuration table Device
name & model are classified is L2?  Know the 5-step process for
creating network documentation.  Know the end system commands used to
gather usefull information about network configs for Windows 98/95,
NT/2K/XP, and Unix/OS X.

I think I was studyed up enough I just was not prepared for all of the
SIMS on the test.  I bought Ciscopress's CCNP: Practical Studies CIT by
Donna Harrington ISBN:1-58720-057-0  This was an excellent book (but a
bit dated with a chapter on IPX) that is basically an 800 page lab
book.  My skills have gone up a notch after going through that book and
doing the labs.  THANKS DONNA!

I will be taking the test in 11 days.

29killeen wrote:
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Re: CIT 642-831 Exam


Could you please advise me what the simulators covered and what type of
questions / problems they were.

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