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Hello All,

Is anyone aware of any limitations of switches in close proximity of
microwave ovens?

At a school I visited there was a comms cab floor mounted and sat on top of
it there was a microwave oven. (I am aware of the spill hazard) and have
removed it.

However out of interest does anyone know of microwave interfering with



Re: Cisco Equipment & Microwave

On Mon, 13 Jun 2005 18:42:26 GMT, "Gary"

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Take my comments with a rather large block of salt, as I am not an RF
engineer.  One would think not, and for the same reason that you can
watch your popcorn pop in said microwave -- namely, the Faraday Cage.
This surrounds the device and makes sure what happens in the
microwave, stays in the microwave.

Again, this is a guess on my part.  Someone who is more knowledgeable,
please feel free to jump in.

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Re: Cisco Equipment & Microwave

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Joe Schmuckatelli wrote:
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The microwave radiation tends to stay in the microwave, but the magnetic
field that the microwave generates generally surrounds the entire
microwave... don't put any sensitive electronic equipment next to it
that isn't worth the risk, however minimal that risk is.

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Re: Cisco Equipment & Microwave

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The problem with microwaves comes with WLANs, as the microwave is using the
same freq as channel 6 is (right around 2.43 GHz).


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