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I have a static IP address from my ISP. I also have a router with a
built in Modem so I plug the router into the telephone line. If I make
a direct connection from my router to my PC with the following
addresses on my PC everything works fine, I get a connection to the
internet (can view webpages):

Default Gateway:

Preferred DNS :
Alternate DNS :

As soon as I connect my Cisco 501 PIX in between the PC and the router,
I don't get any internet connection. Here are the steps I am
following to configure the firewall, so please guide me where I am
going wrong:

I start the PDM by going to

Once started and authenticated get the Basic Configuration and I leave
the default values ( PIX Host Name = pixfirewall, Domain Name:

On the next page "Outside Interface Configuration" I leave the
"Speed to Auto" and I select "static IP address" and input the
following details IP, Subnet Mask: and
Default Gateway:

On the next page I leave the remote VPN page empty

On the next page I also leave the Auto update Configuration empty

On the next page "Other Interfaces Configuration I can see the Inside
and outside interface settings and the inside has a security level of
100 and the outside has 0.

On the next page "NAT and PAT Configuration" I select "do not
translate any addresses.

On the next page I disable the DHCP because I can allocate a specific
IP for the PC connecting to the Firewall.

After applying all these setting and saving them. I specify TCP/IP for
my PC with the following addresses:

Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway :

I try to connect to the internet but I will not let me connect. For
some reason Skype is able to connect which is quite strange.

Do I need to configure anything more? Why does it not allow me to
connect to the internet?

When I remove the firewall I am getting a connection. Please can you
guide me?

Thank you,

Re: Cisco 501
i think u need to enable nat translation
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Re: Cisco 501

I think you're right.... He needs NAT.

If the Internet address is and your PC address is
what about that makes you think you don't need address
translation? Without translation the PIX will send out the address
to the Internet and that's NOT your Internet address
( is) so you could never get a response, and changes are your
provider won't allow that outbound anyway.


mike jones wrote:
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