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I recently purchased a 2520 Router from ebay for my home lab. When I
attempt to power it up, I never get the "OK" LED to light up. I cannot
get any output from the Console port or the AUX port. I know my cables
work and I have the terminal software set up correctly as I can
configure my other routers just fine. When I shut off the router, I
briefly see the 10bT LED light up, and if I plug an active eithernet
cable into that port, the 10bT LED lights up.

Am I hosed, or can I bring this back from the dead?


Re: Cisco 2520 Router wrote:

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Did you open the box?

Check propper seat of ram/flash/power supply connector,

have a running 25xx to replace ram/flash/power supply

if there is definetly no output to Console/AUX, it´s most likely a power
issue, one of the voltages might be missing.


Re: Cisco 2520 Router
I do have another 25xx router, and I tried various combinations of
working pwr supply, RAM and flash. At not point did the "OK LED"
illuminate and at no point did I get any output from COM/AUX. Unless I
am missing something, I guess I bught a lemon.

Thanks again...
Hans-Dieter Kreutzner wrote:
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Re: Cisco 2520 Router

I have a CISCO2520 available with 90 day warranty for $95 and 1 x
CISCO2610 [replacement for 2520] for $175 with 90 day warranty as

Please let me know if you would like to purchase it.

Rick Truong
TruTech Systems
Office: +1.951.696.3688
Mobile: +1.951.440.8711
AIM: ricktrutek
E-Mail: rick at trutechsystems dot net

On 24 May 2006 09:23:08 -0700, wrote:

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Re: Cisco 2520 Router
please check the boot roms for correct order and orientation -- final

Hans wrote:

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