Cisco 2507 Access Server

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Hey again folks, I got a few questions to ask, again, as I prepare for
my CCNA exam.  I have the following equipment  , which is probably
overkill, and wanted to know the most optimum configuration to study
for the CCNA:

2 - Cisco 2501 Router
1 - Cisco 2502 Router

1 - Cisco 2507 Access Server

1 - Cisco 2924M-XL Switch
1 - Cisco 2924-XL Switch

Next, how do I configure the Access Server, I was told that I can
control all of my routers via console to the Access Server.  But now
that I got it in the mail, I think that I connect the routers via the
ethernet ports and serial ports.  I'm a bit confused..

Also (heh), what is a Frame Relay Switch, would that benefit the
learning process, and how do I configure my 2502 or 2507 to act as



Re: Cisco 2507 Access Server

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The 2507 is not an access server. It a router + 16 port hub.
Look for 2509/2511 to use access servers.

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