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Recently my very old and aged copy of Cisco Works V3 running on Windows NT
V4 has died and I no longer have the available cash to go out and buy the
latest version of CW Campus.

Apart from all the wonderful functionality inside CW I mainly used the
network viewer so I could draw out the network topology which I believe
relied solely on CDP.  This also proved a valuable teaching resource when
showing other techies exactly what the front of a Cat5 looked like when you
were no where near it. I am aware of Cisco Network Administrator available
FOC from CCO but need to map out around 300+ Cisco devices and I believe CNA
is limited to 15 nodes

Is anyone aware of any application similar to this which will draw the
network. I use SolarWinds on my desktop but am not happy with this for
drawing out the topology as it VERY often gets routes and links wrong, as
does WhatsUp

In anticipation


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