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Hi all,

I was wondering to take up CVoice first or CIPT? I have worked with ip
telephony so thought to take cipt first but was wondering which order
of studying is best. can any one advice? and i am searching fro a CCVP
training course for weekends if anyone come across a good choice
please let me know.

thanks in advance...

CCVP Course UK
The order doesn't really matter, it really depends on your background,
but I started with CVOICE because that is the groundwork for all the
other modules. After that you going onto CIPT, GWGK, QoS, and TUC
should be last.

CCVP course the one I am planning to attend is based in Milton Keynes
WinNET Systems. My company arrenged this training partner and heard
lot of good comments about them.

Re: CCVP Course UK
yes i also thought about Cvoice first, but lastely decided to do CIPT
my area of experiance. May i know what is that training comapnay you
have mentioned, when is the next weekend class held and which is the

Re: Cvoice CIPT /

Next Module CIPT is on Dec 22nd

CIPT training
HI where is WinNET Training camp based? isn't it in Canada? I am in
London but mostly located at different cities for work.

CIPT Training/ WinNET Systems UK
WinNET is based in Canada and UK as well. This is the training camp
where Harith (quadruple CCIE) instructor is with.
I attended the CCVP course in UK/Milton Keynes. It was superb I really
liked the way the instructor explained through out. Cvoice training
was great. looking forward for the CIPT class in Dec.

Cvoice CIPT
I think if you are an absolute beginner get along with Cvoice would be
better. I just started learning voice also few months ago. You can
knock CIPT out easily since you already  knowing the area. Afterwards,
i would recommend CVOICE, then GWGK.

Good Luck 1

Re: CCVP Training UK
On Nov 20, 2:00 pm, wrote:
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One of the prerequisites for CIPT is CVoice. Have a look on Cisco's
website here:

The CIPT course assumes you know what is taught in CVOICE.

I hope this helps.

David Bombal

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