CCNA training equipment

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I am looking on Ebay for a router to practise for my CCNA exam. I see a lot
of 1600 series that sell pretty cheap. Quite a few of these do not have a
power supply, can a power supply be purchased from an electronics supply
company, or a store such as Radio Shack? What are the minumum
specifications I should look for. (memory, network cards, cables needed,
etc.) Is the 1600 too old to be of any use? Will I need a serial number to
upgrade the IOS?
Thanks for any help and advice

CCNA training equipment
You should not substitute the power supply for any Cisco router. If
you want something to build your skills that is relatively cheap, get
a Cisco 806 and put it behind your existing internet connection, or if
you have DSL get an 827 (these can be had real cheap on eBay). Be
carefuly to research the IOS on the router that you are buying if you
don't have CCO access to the Cisco website to download your own IOS.


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Re: CCNA training equipment
Hi Terry,

You may wish to investigate the Cisco Power Supply Headquarters:

Hope this helps.

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