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 I last took the CCNA in July 2001. The only thing close to a simulation
 question at the time
was filling in the blank on how to add (router rip) and moving some blocks
around and matching
up fields.

 What I'm wondering about the new test's simulation is what all is involved?
 Is it something like a
question that says, "Setup a router with these functions"? And just gives
you a command line prompt
to start (conf t) or what?


Re: CCNA Simulation Question wrote:

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Go to the CCNA prep center and try out their sims:

Re: CCNA Simulation Question
What did you do to solve the ospf router problem?

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Re: CCNA Simulation Question
On Mon, 05 Mar 2007 15:00:09 +0000, michael tock wrote:

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Sure he studied OSFP and learned how it works so he could trouble shoot

When you take a Cisco exam you are under NDA not to disclose
information about the exam.

Re: CCNA Simulation Question
proxy wrote:

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and yes, thats pretty much how it is. It seems the questions are that you
get a network setup with several routers that's not working and you should
fix the routing problem. That or access lists. I just passed the ccna and I
had sim about blocking telnet with an access-list, and fix an ospf routing

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