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The network administrator wants to configure a static route for backup
purposes on a router already configured with RIP. What command will
accomplish this?

This was the answer
Router(config)# ip route 130
However I thought RIPs AD was 120?
so I answered
Router(config)# ip route
because of the other two answers

Router(config)# ip route 100
(this is IGRP)
Router(config)# ip route s1(this is a default route)
were the other 2 answers



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If it's a backup route you typically only want it active when a primary
route is unavailable so that's why the AD has been made greater than the
primary routes AD.  The other three answers would have given the backup
route the same AD or made it lower which would have increased the likelihood
of the backup route being active in favour of the primary route.


Re: CCNA question

BernieM wrote:
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That makes sense-I ahd forgotten about that-many thanks.
btw AD means administarive Distance-the smaller the number the better(I
think) example an AD of 0 means the router is connected.

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