CCNA Press or Sybex Todd Lamlle

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I am confused which book I should concentrate on. CCNA press books or Sybex
by Todd Lammlle.

Any suggestions please?


Re: CCNA Press or Sybex Todd Lamlle

Raj wrote:
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I used the Lammle Sybex book when I was taking my CCNA and it worked
for me....thought it explained concepts very well. However, there are
two topics it misses completely NAT and OSPF DR/BDR elections which may
come up on the if you do purchase this book, remember to
visit the Sybex website to download the two additional chapters they've
put up there regarding these topics.

Also,  I noticed that the answers to a couple of end-of-chapter
practise questions were wrong. Again, check the website for errata.

Good luck in your exam.

Re: CCNA Press or Sybex Todd Lamlle
I read Todd lammle and must say i knew everything i needed about
networking by following his step-by-step process at teh beginning of
the book, from design to implementation and so on. it's a wonderful
book. I think he just did only three paragraphs on on NAT but he's
super when it comes to VLSM. by the way, if u think of going
professional, read another book on networking that is more in-depth
after his book if and when u do decide to do CCNP. the networking
market is highly contestable so it's not wise sticking to proprietary
TIA wrote:
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Re: CCNA Press or Sybex Todd Lamlle
On Thu, 31 Aug 2006 08:46:36 +0100, Raj wrote:

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incase you couldn't tell, most people here prefer lammlle for ccna -
including me.  i used his ccna book twice (my first ccna expired).  its
much easier to understand (than ciscopress) esp if you are new to the
technology, plus his explanations of subnetting/vlsm/cidr are second to
none.  when i first did my ccna in 2000, i did a lot of his subnetting
practice questions and i've never had to relearn it since.
for ccda/ccnp/ccsp/ccdp though you should stick with cisco press mostly.

good luck

Re: CCNA Press or Sybex Todd Lamlle

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Some years ago I attempted the CCNA exam and failed 604-607 then the 604-801
exam 6 months later.  After a couple of consulting jobs in between I decided
to go the separate INTRO/ICND exam route.  The Cisco Press books by Wendell
Odom are split into separate books specifically for the INTRO and ICND
exams. It's just more difficult to focus (for me at least) on the INTRO exam
topics when using a combined book.

Re: CCNA Press or Sybex Todd Lamlle
On the CCNA, Lammle is like the high school teacher who takes the time to
make you understand.
Cisco Press is like being at the university. They tell you everything once,
and it is like gospel.

I used both. Lammle was not as complete and not always accurate, but he
explains thing well.

 I followed the Odom manual, and when I got stuck understanding something,
Lammle usually broke it down where I could grasp it.

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