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I am hoping to take the CCNA exam by the end of April.  I am broke and
can't afford the expensive schools out there.  What is the least
expensive yet productive way to study for the exam?  Appreciate your

Re: CCNA Preperation Help

Re: CCNA Preperation Help
Try the Todd Lamme book from Sybex. Also read a little more in depth
from the
CCNA Prep center at and also the documentation.

Read more about NAT, OSPF and know Frame Relay. I think the Todd Lamme
book is
a little light on these areas.

You should rent some rack time or get a sim (the boson one is good for
CCNA) or
grab some real kit from ebay.

That should get you there for little cost.

Good Luck

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Thank you so much for your help.  What do you think about the Richard
Deal book published by McGraw Hill/Osborne?

Re: CCNA Preperation Help wrote:
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has some conceptual errors. moreso than others mentioned.
it could be used well. depends how you use it -  whether errors throw
you off course.  It's likely that you could pass the exam even with
misunderstandings. Allowing too many misunderstandings is unwise for
the future, even if you do pass.

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I'm reading Todd's book now and it's OK.
Do you have a link for some more NAT reading on the web?
This part is still fuzzy for me.


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Dude wrote:

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This has been answered before on the list.

The Cisco website has lots of great material on NAT.  Search through
the website using google and you will find docs like

which should help you firm up your knowledge of NAT.

Cisco da Gama

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