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So I've been seeing that there are NAT sims on the exam.  As has been
posted already, Sybex CCNA 5th ed has almost nothing on NAT, and what
is there is basically a summary.  So how in-depth are the NAT sims?
Do you have to be able to set up dhcp pools and do overloading, or is
knowing how to set up a static fine?  I'm fine w/ the latter, but will
have to spend a bit more time on it if have to go the whole ball of
wax.  Only have about 5 days to go before testing, and would like to
concentrate on FR relay more.



I too used the 5th edition Sybex and thank god I found out from looking all
over the web that NAT was a big piece.  I had quite a bit on NAT.  One sim
and at least a half dozen other questions.  And yes, knowing the full
process of setting it up will be beneficial on the exam.

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