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I'm looking into teaching myself for CCNA, i have quite alot of
general networking experience but nothing really very in depth or
Cisco specific.

Books wise i think I was looking at:

CCNA 1 and 2: Companion Guide (Cisco Networking Academy Program) by
Cisco Systems Inc.
CCNA 3 and 4: Companion Guide (Cisco Networking Academy Program) by
Cisco Systems Inc.

Am i correct in thinking those 4 parts make up the CCNA Cert, and
should cover everything i need to know?

With that covered, I would like to set up a home lab to practice on. I
have a budget of maximum =A31000 but being a student, the cheaper the

Can anyone give me a list of suggested hardware, cables etc? I have 3
computers ready, so i assume i need routers/switches and required

Ideally the hardware i get, i can sell on easily enough for a decent
price once I am finished.

Thanks alot for any advice,

Re: CCNA Hardware/Books Advice
Hi Jack,

Everything you need can be found here:


Brad Reese on Cisco
Network World Magazine Cisco Subnet /

Re: CCNA Hardware/Books Advice
JackC wrote:
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You could fully kit yourself out for that much, for around AUS$600 I've
picked up a 2501, 2 x 2503, 2507 and 2523 off ebay. Not that latest and
greatest gear but definitely a nice little home lab for doing frame
relay and ethernet connections.

Re: CCNA Hardware/Books Advice
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We've recently put up CCNA IP Addressing Study Links.  Also we have
recomendations on Home Lab Equipment. =

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