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Hi all

I have my exam tomorrow in Gants Hill, UK
Does anyone have any tips? apart from the obvious:
Answer all the questions correctly
Get a CCIE to do the test for you
Etc. Etc.

Any help would be appreciated, I have been studying my nut off for the last
3 weeks, 8 hours a day.


Re: CCNA exam
Read every question very carefully.

Once you submit an answer, you cannot go back, so make sure you finished
the whole answer.

You need some time on the simulations, so be prepared for those.

Den wrote:
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Re: CCNA exam
Hi Den,

You may wish to investigate:

CCNA Certification Exam Tips For Peak Performance

Four Tips For Success On CCNA And CCNP Certification Day

Debunking Three Myths About Cisco Certification Exams

More tips:

Hope this helps.

Brad Reese
2007 Cisco Salary Rates

Re: CCNA exam
Thanks for your time guys, very helpful, I'll post here tomorrow how I got
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Re: CCNA exam
Hello All,

Just picked up on this thread and I also attempted the CCNA test (640-801)
today in the UK and failed  - the pass mark is 849, my score was 796. I
think I failed on two of the three simulations but who knows.

Good and its bad for me close enough to pass but not sure what to study more
Anyway live to test another day!

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Re: CCNA exam
Well, I did it today and failed with 834, so near but too far, i'm gonna be
concentrating on troubleshooting I think.
I feel a bit deflated but also I got so near I can't give up. It started
with a simulation question which kinda panicked me a bit and I don't think I
got it right.
I am gonna bounce right back and re-book it for two weeks time.

Never give up Fred

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Re: CCNA exam
Thanks I'm going to give the test another go in a week or so - think I know
where I went wrong I also suffered a lot from time pressure but ended up
with four minutes left at the end of the test.

Hope you break the pass mark the next time Den!

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Re: CCNA exam
Cheers mate, I will eventually, I'm going to keep going till I pass.
As they say, if at first you don't succeed, throw money at it.
I'll let you know on here.
Good luck to you too Fred, keep it up, it's worth it!
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