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I have finished the 4 CCNA curriculum and I'm about to pass the final exam
to became CCNA.  But I read in this newsgroup the CCNA certification is
about to expire?????

What about that?

When it's supposed to be expired?

Did I have to pass again the 4 CCNA curriculum to keep my CCNA if I pass the
Exam before/after the expiration?

Where I can find the documentation on what is different between the version
3.1 and the new one?

Thank to give me the info

Best regards


Re: CCNA and curriculum
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Hello Martin I was just surfing on the net and stumbled on to your
letter. To answer your first question. Your diploma is valid for 3
years. Why 3 years? Because in three years a lot can change and a lot
of new things will come out also. For your second question....i can't
give you a complete answer all I know is that 3.1 version is an

I hope this was helpfull.. if you have anymore question feel free to

Re: CCNA and curriculum
Hi and thanks for your fast answer

It is 3 years after I pass the certification exam or 3 years after Cisco
have release the officiel version?


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Re: CCNA and curriculum

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First - passing the Final Exam of the 4th Cisco Networking Academy course
does *NOT* make you CCNA certified.

These courses prepare you for the certification exam - see:
which you have to take a testing centre external to your Academy.

The version of the course you are currently finishing has prepared you for
exam CCNA 640-801.
The last day for the general public to take this exam is 06 November 2007.
However, as a Networking Academy student you can be eligible to take the
exam until November 2008.
If you have set your student profile on Academy Connection to receive
Academy emails you have received some information about this. Also when you
log into Academy Connection always check the "Headlines" at the top of the
And talk about this with your instructor, they have been receiving
information about this for 6 months.

Then once you have passed the CCNA certification exam it is valid for 3
years from the date you passed the exam. Before it expires you either take
whatever CCNA certification exam is current at that time, or a CCNP exam, to

The above website has links to allt his information. In fact if you expect
to use your CCNA in the workplace, you need to be able to navigate around - it contains a universe of general and technical information
you will use every day in a networking job.


CCNA and curriculum
CCNA Video Mentor: (Exam 640-802)
By Wendell Odom.
Published by Cis co Pr ess.
Series: Practical Studies.
CC NA Video Mentor provides more than two hours of personal visual
instruction covering these

CCNA Basics
1. Navigating the Router/Switch Command Line Interface
2. Router Configuration and Managing Configuration Files
LAN Switching
3. Switch Basics: Learning, Forwarding/Filtering, and Interface
4. Configuring VLANs
Basic Routing
5. Static and Connected Routes
6. RIPv1 Configuration
7. RIPv1 with Split Horizon, Route Poisoning, and Poison Reverse
Advanced Routing
8. Single-Area OSPF Configuration
9. EIGRP Configuration and Operation
10. NAT Overload (PAT)
11. PPP and CHAP Configuration
12. Access Lists


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