CCIE Certification Question of the Week - JULY0607

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Answer: e

Topic Domain:8d

Which of these most directly addresses the concern? What is uRPF?

uRPF most directly addresses the concern. The Unicast RPF feature helps to
eliminate malformed or forged (spoofed) IP source addresses into a network.
The feature does this by discarding IP packets that lack a verifiable IP
source address.

More Information:
Configuring Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding

8-12-1. Your boss is concerned with the possibility of malformed or forged
IP source addresses passing through a key border router in your network
infrastructure. Which feature should you recommend to most directly address
his concern?

a.    IOS Firewall
b.    IP Session Filtering
c.    TCP Intercept
d.    802.1x Authentication Services
e.    uRPF

7.12.1 You notice the command ip pim spt-threshold infinity used in the
multicast configuration on a router in your infrastructure. What does the
infinity keyword do?

a.    It allows unlimited multicast streams to use the shortest-path tree
b.    It causes the router never to move to the shortest-path tree
c.    It causes the router to join the shortest-path tree immediately upon
the first data packet it receives
d.    None of these options are correct

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